Relaxo 15ltr geyser glass tank with 5 year warranty on site

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feature RELAXO R&D CENTERS IN WORLD THE ONLY WATER HEATERS THAT CAN ENSURE USERS SAFETY UNDER ALL CONDITIONS shack proof working No earthing cases faulty earthing cases all other current leakage cases instllaition energy saver extra life heating copper elemennt always allow the water to flow through the heater before switch off the power supply when water heater is not in use model -fista new glass mixing factor closed type — 40% consumption watts –2000 watts hot water output —-40c reheating time closed by —150 min storage 25ltr 8bar rated pressure glass coating tank power -230/50hz energy saver —-30% warranty period twelve month on product & five year on tank customer support no +91 9034105700

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